First interview ever!!!

So about a week ago, we got an e-mail from the editor of “App of the Day”, a section of the online blog “DownloadAstro”. He was telling us he was looking for interesting apps and saw our Lathe Worker: 3D Machine Simulator game.

To be honest, I was thinking something along the lines of, another one who says: “Yeah, great game, but pay us if you want to be featured in our blog.” So I only skimmed through the first mail, but replied with a nicer and longer version of “Sure, let’s do it.”

But look and behold. A few e-mails later, they interviewed us. 🙂 And we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s not just another generic description of the game. But this time, they actually wanted to know about us as people too.

So we took our time and honestly and wholeheartedly answered all questions. =)

And now, we are proud to present our first interview ever! =)