Personal experience of my work.

Developing mobile games from home seems to be like a dream job. And for most days, it’s great. No boss that keeps breathing down your neck. No set hours. And no commute to and from work.

But not every day is all sunshine and games. Some day are storm clouds and mist. Sometimes, like today, I’d just like to bang my head against the keyboard, throw the mouse against the wall, and pull my hair out.

Nothing seems to work today. The mouse stopped working for no apparent reason. The pictures aren’t uploading to the web page because of an error that people seem to yet find the solution to (at least no amount of Googling helped so far). The electricity went out a couple of times. And I’m still finding errors in the game, that we wanted to release… well… two months ago.

But it is what it is. We keep on working. Keep on striving to do our best and create something people will like.

Ah… better topic next time. 🙂